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Agnieszka Wypych’s striking and moving image of a greyhound in an enclosure taken as part of her 2nd year Editorial Photography project.

Greyhound racing industry in Ireland produces more than 20,000 greyhound puppies yearly. Thousands of greyhounds are put down because they do not make the grade as racing dogs or are due for retirement.

Some of them are abandoned ending up in the dog pounds around the country and only a small amount are rescued by dog’s trusts which try to re-home unwanted dogs.

This image was taken at PAWS, Mullinahone – one of many greyhound rescue associations and one that has the greatest amount of the greyhounds under their care in Ireland. The dogs coming to PAWS are scared, frightened and often have long lasting trauma. Some of them are in a very poor condition having their legs broken, open sores over their body’s, being under-weighted and malnourished.

Photograph by Agnieszka Wypych BAPM Year II

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