E-learning the new teaching business opportunity

Mara Garcia Ramirez reports on a talk on the growth of online teaching.

Online learning and teaching have become a new trend for new generations, a recent conference in Dublin was told.

Stefano Messori, Design Strategist, Corporate Trainer and founder of the Strategic Design Hub, highlighted the importance of empathy with students in order to transfer knowledge if you are interested in becoming an online trainer.

In today’s competitive world, it is imperative that you always look for new opportunities. “Every one of us owns a media company,” said Mr Messori, because if you are able to transmit content, then you can become an online trainer. But, the main question is: Is there a space for me to share my knowledge with other people and make money out of it?

Mr Messori mentioned that in fact there are many websites, such as Udemy, Thinkific, Invanto and Teachable, where you can share content and make some profit. They are known as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) that have free and monthly-paid package tools that help you create your own course online and also some of them provide you with a sign-up audience.

However, if you want to make a living out of this new job, you have to share something more than knowledge. As an online trainer, he recognises that in order to attract new subscribers to an education platform and gain credibility, one of the biggest challenges is to connect with the person behind the screen. For online teachers, designing a learning environment is not easy; as opposed to face-to-face courses, they are missing the social factor.

“The level of commitment of online students is higher than the ones that go to college”

“The level of commitment of online students is higher than the ones that go to college,” according to Mr Messori, who said that this new form of teaching needs not only to transfer knowledge but to communicate value.

He also said it is important to remember that the most important step is to enjoy the process and engage with the students behind the screen. “Learning happens when you have 20 different opinions about the subject.” You must always give your audience the possibility to contribute in order to make them feel part of a community and create a connection with them, Mr Messori believes.

You can use some visual animation and music to make your course more attractive but he advised always finishing your video by asking for a comment or suggestion in order to hook your audience and make them go back to your channel.

One of the main suggestions he gave was to dare to make mistakes as perfection is just an excuse. He encouraged participants to go to YouTube and face real democracy. There will be some thumbs up and some down but also there will be honest feedback about your courses, and it will guide you on how to improve.

The statistics about how many people see your course or for how long they stay are just data. “Be confident about yourself and try as many times as you can in order to gain experience.”

Mr Messori emphasised that more and more people are teaching online; therefore, you should not be afraid of using the free platforms that upload your knowledge for different audiences in order to gain experience.

“Make yourself valuable and obtain credibility. This will give you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur as an online trainer.”

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