Campaign launched to save Syrian lives

Deepansha Banswal reports on a recent NGO initiative launched in Dublin to help the people of Syria.

A campaign was launched recently in Dublin to help support the people of war-torn Syria.

The campaign is called #IrelandCall4Action and was launched in the Oak Room of Dublin’s Mansion House. It is an initiative taken by Human Appeal, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to help and support the people of Syria.

The NGO works across the world to help impoverished and disaster-stricken people and communities facing social injustice. It has been working very closely with Syrians and has also arranged many camps to help refugees there.

Credit: Human Appeal

Credit: Human Appeal

Through this campaign, the organisation appeals to Irish community groups to act in solidarity with Syrian people by holding events to raise awareness and support. More than 250,000 Syrians have been killed and many still suffer from the armed conflict, which has been ongoing for more than five years now.

In his speech, Dublin Lord Mayor Brendan Carr said that the campaign is an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the issue by helping Human Appeal in holding events for Syrians who are in dire need of food and shelter. He also congratulated the NGO for working for a good cause.

Dublin GAA star Bernard Brogan, who also attended the event, said that he was glad to see so many people gathered for the cause and encouraged everyone to contribute as much as possible.

Fiona Duffy, Finance Manager at Human Appeal Ireland, shed some light on the lives of the Syrian people living in refugee camps by sharing stories of her volunteer work. She said that her organisation was privileged to go to Syria to help people and provide them with aid.

“No child should ever go through what children in Syria are facing”

She also explained the conditions of people who do not have access to even basic amenities and requested everyone to help in any way they could. She called herself a proud Irish woman because when the NGO had set up a food camp, many Irish people had donated and helped generously.

Another volunteer who had worked in a Syrian refugee camp in Greece also requested everyone to get involved in this campaign and help. She said if everyone stopped thinking about the Syrian people as just refugees and started regarding them as their brothers and sisters, then they would be able to help in a better way.

Many Syrians who were rescued and now live in Ireland also attended the event and shared their stories as well. One of them was a young girl, Alana, who came to Ireland along with her family in 2012 and has been living here since. “No child should ever go through what children in Syria are facing,” she said.

She said that while many people take things like having shelter and food for granted, many Syrians are deprived of such basic amenities. Another Syrian, Firdaus, broke down while sharing her story, but still requested everyone to stand up for the cause.

The NGO had also set up tables with food items such lentils, rice, tea, oil, etc. displayed on them to showcase that all will be sent to Syria and what can be donated to help the conflict-stricken people.

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