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A more colourful Clanbrassil Street

Swathe Shanmugaraj writes about how the face of a local Dublin 8 street has changed over the years.
Clanbrassil Street is a perfect reflection of what one might be able to expect from the diverse community now living in Dublin 8. Stretching from New Street to the Robert Emmet Bridge on the Grand Canal, this street has a significant impact on the development… Read more »

Should Prostitution be Legal in Ireland?

In an open-minded nation, the protection of sex workers should not be overlooked.
The first time I ever thought about prostitution, I was offered €50 to ‘go on a walk’ with a man I did not know. Soon after, I met up with a friend of mine and told him what happened. He laughed and told me that… Read more »

From shampoo boy to head stylist and manager

Aaron Dodd reports on a local business success story in Dublin 8.
As the interview begins, Darragh Monaghan is a 24-year-old man fresh out of a jujitsu class, untamed hair under a flat peaked cap, tattooed, and rolling a cigarette – not your stereotypical male hairdresser. But it is this air of coolness that has breathed new… Read more »

A tale of two Liberties

Terence Birkby considers the contrasting fortunes of two parts of historical Dublin 8.
For the local residents of the Liberties, the announcement of the proposed development at St James’s Gate displays the economic inequality of decline and renovation in the area. The “Home of the black stuff” and the famous black painted gates of Guinness, at St James’s Gate… Read more »

International students struggle to find accommodation

International students in Ireland are facing endless problems, while the accommodation crisis goes on, reports Ottavia Caminita.
Ireland is becoming an unattractive place for international students, due to its soaring rents and scarce housing supply. Since 2012, the number of international students studying in Ireland has increased. Nowadays, the percentage of non-Irish students in higher education is around 8.8 per cent of the… Read more »

The Master Barber Of Dublin

26 year-old Robert Flynn talks about the ever-growing barber culture in Dublin.
Friday afternoon, 5:30pm to be exact. A tired Robert Flynn, also known as ‘The Wolfgang Barber’ is fresh off his shift of cutting hair for the day. Hair that’s fallen off the heads of the customers that day, still lying on the floor, with a… Read more »

Problems with Dublin’s rickshaw service

How much do we actually know about the people running Dublin’s rickshaws, asks Ugne Aksiutovaite.
The rickshaw service in Dublin is run privately by unidentified employers, who are not regulated by Dublin City Council or any other Government institution. Associated with illegal uninsured immigrants, drug dealing and sexual assault, the rickshaw drivers have a horrible reputation within the community. The top of… Read more »

Gender imbalance in third-level education

Gillian Coleman speaks to students about gender imbalance in some third-level courses.
According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), there is a gender imbalance in certain fields of third-level education in Ireland. In the latest “Women and Men in Ireland 2016” study, the CSO stated that “women represented more than three out of four (76.4… Read more »

Adults with Autism: Where is our future?

The transition from child to adult services is a difficult process. Parents are put on waiting lists to find that their child’s needs are not being met and left oblivious to their future. Imagine you’re pregnant, you are overjoyed to give birth to your child. You… Read more »

Irish history closely mimicked in popular TV series

Tom Byrne explains how a popular TV series has such close parallels in early-modern Irish history.
In early 1487, a 12-year-old boy arrived in Dublin, accompanied by a priest. He promptly announced he was Edward, earl of Warwick, the rightful heir to the English crown, just escaped from the Tower of London. Suddenly, Dublin was a city caught up in royal… Read more »