Monthly Archives: August 2017

Irish reproductive rights: exploring contraception and abortion

Cayla Williams looks at the troubled issue of access to contraception in Irleand.
Reproductive rights in Ireland, inclusive of access to and the legalisation of contraception and abortion, is an issue that disproportionately affects women yet remains unresolved. Only fully legalised in 1993, contraception in Ireland has historically been a point of discord in what is known as… Read more »

Problems with Garda complaints’ procedures deep rooted

The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission lacks the resources and independence necessary for its functionality, argues Lydia Bowers.
The smearing of Maurice McCabe has been labelled a frightening abuse of power by the State’s public bodies. Public figures such as Enda Kenny, Frances Fitzgerald and Nóirín O’Sullivan have had their futures questioned in recent weeks as new allegations have come to light in… Read more »

Girls are leaving sport behind

A growing number of girls are giving up on sport, reports Felipe Mennucci Wasserstein.
It appears that girls, particularly during fourth grade, are abandoning sport. The results of the 2016 Irish Life Health Schools Fitness Challenge show a significant gap between the fitness of boys and girls during the first four years of secondary school.  It is true that biological differences… Read more »

No relief on Rikers: the Kalief Browder story

Conroy Baltimore recounts a tragic story that shows serious problems in the US justice system.
Rikers Island is one of the most well-known prisons across the United States. Located between the Bronx and Queens, the small island was originally a “pit stop” for those that awaited trial for alleged crimes. However, on multiple occasions, there have been inmates who have… Read more »