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Waking the Feminists celebrate anniversary with final event

Fiona McCluskey reports on the end of a year-long feminist campaign to achieve change in Irish theatre.
Waking the Feminists staged their final event, One Thing More, to a capacity audience in the Abbey Theatre in mid-November. The event celebrated the one-year anniversary of the gender-equality initiative’s conception with speeches, readings and videos from almost 40 members of the Irish arts industry. It… Read more »

FemFest told issues affecting women have not changed since 1916

Lydia Bowers reports on a conference aimed at empowering young women.
“Women will not be cast out to the margins. Women will not be forgotten and we will occupy fully our equal place in the sun,” shouted veteran feminist and academic Ailbhe Smyth to the audience gathered at FemFest, a conference for young women commemorating the… Read more »

Debate told Ireland lags behind in global climate-change action

Hazel Gordon reports on a recent debate on climate change in Dublin.
There was a debate in late November last in Dublin’s Science Gallery as part of Science Week 2016. The debate title was “The End is Nigh – In Hot Water: Is Climate Change Humanity’s Greatest Threat?” and it considered how humanity should deal with climate… Read more »

FemFest celebrates women’s past and future

Vithoria Escobar de Oliveira reports on a recent conference on Irish feminism’s achievements and challenges.
 The sold-out FemFest conference was recently held in the Science Gallery, Naughton Institute for women aged 16-24 to discuss the importance of women in 1916, the barriers young women face today and the future of feminism. Organised by the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI), the… Read more »

The life of a non-meat-eater in Dublin

Stien Verdick looks at the growth of options for vegetarians and vegans in the city.
The Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society regularly ask markets and restaurants to supply vegetarian and vegan friendly meals. Vegetarian meals are without meat or fish; vegan meals are made with no animal products. They also organise events such as Vegfest, a vegan festival with vegan… Read more »

Dublin On Mission To Make Graffiti To Urban Art Transition

Dublin City Council is working with Dubliners to legally beautify the streets of the capital city, reports Erin Kennedy.
Nervously clutching a can of spray paint, Jess Tobin took her hand to the surface of a canvas, placed outside one of Dublin 8’s iconic pubs, The Bernard Shaw, and began to paint an image of two striking female faces that stopped passers-by. With adrenaline… Read more »

Where are the women in filmmaking?

It is time for women to play as much of a role behind the camera as they have been playing in front of it, argues Swathe Shanmugaraj. 
As the world applauds the Academy for making the Oscars seem less whitewashed than the previous year, there are some issues that people skim across, or maybe even choose to ignore. In this age of the Internet, where articles get published the minute something major… Read more »

The Muslim community in Dublin 8

Emmet McCabe reports on how local Muslims seek to integrate into the Dublin 8 community.
Out of all the religions that exist in Ireland today, Islam is one the fastest growing. It has been estimated that by 2043, it will become the second religion in Ireland. This shows how important it will be for Muslims and mosques to try to… Read more »

How some commuters overcame the Dublin Bus strikes

Real people told their side of the story of how they coped with the recent Dublin Bus strikes to Tahlia Nunes da Silva Peppard.
If you live in Dublin, you were almost certainly aware of the Dublin Bus strikes late last year. They affected so many people in the city and while most of them saw them as an inconvenience, some learned how to deal with them and find… Read more »

J-1 Visa to be removed because of Trump’s victory?

Hannah Collins writes about the threat to many Irish students’ passport to summer work in the US.
On the morning of 9 November people all over the world woke up to the unexpected news that Donald J Trump had become the 45th president of the United States. Previously, in August 2015 when Trump announced that he was running for presidency, he declared… Read more »