Monthly Archives: January 2017

Griffith College students campaign for equal access to SUSI grant

Griffith’s Students’ Union wants the grant made available to students at private colleges, reports Amelie Pyta.
The Students’ Union from Griffith College has started a campaign that students from private colleges can get the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant. Currently students from private universities do not qualify for the SUSI grant. The SUSI programme is Ireland’s only national awarding authority for… Read more »

Why do Scandinavians speak English better than southern Europeans?

The EF English Proficiency Index established significant differences in the average level of English-language skills between Scandinavians and southern Europeans reports Melody Roux Mestrano.
The EF English Proficiency Index is an index that ranks countries by the English- language skills among adults. This survey is carried out by EF Education First, which is a language-training company teaching all over the world. The conclusions drawn by the survey have been… Read more »

A one-day escape from City Life

Kathleen Milewski urges people to take the plunge at Dún Laoghaire’s Forty Foot.
Sometimes the hustle and bustle of Dublin is just too much. Enduring the noise and the traffic day in and day out can be enough to drive anyone mad. Luckily, there’s an easy, affordable escape route that leads to a refreshing, one-day getaway. All it takes… Read more »

A filmmaker and his art

Swathe Shanmugaraj talks to an exciting young Malaysian filmmaker.
If you have ever watched Donna Must Die, you would know the chilling sensations it gives from the very beginning to the very last second of the short film. On the other hand, the director, Ismail Jamaludin, far from being chilling is very much laid… Read more »