Monthly Archives: April 2016

Wheelchair dancing opens new world to people with disabilities

Wheelchair ballroom dancing is a sport that is getting very popular around the world, writes Azaliya Dautova.
With an increasing number of dance organisations for people with disabilities, wheelchair users have the ability to learn how to dance and participate in a range of dance competitions, both national and international. Wheelchair dance is considered an International Paralympic Committee championship sport, but it is… Read more »

Foreigners experience good and bad side of Dublin 8

Kavitha Manimaharan talks to two non-Irish students about their experiences of Dublin 8.
Dublin 8 is one of the postal districts in Dublin. It covers areas such as Portobello, Kilmainham, the South Circular Road and stretches all the way up to Dublin Zoo. It is also home to some of the most remarkable places in Dublin such as… Read more »

An alternative rendezvous to the pub

Robert Bacon had a wander round his local flea market recently.
On a recent Sunday, this reporter found himself wandering around his local area and feeling a bit sorry for himself; the “illness” was a self-inflicted one and a direct result of the previous night’s antics. As he strolled along Cork Street, his head slumping ever so… Read more »

Is it time to trash those antibiotics?

Kafayah Runsewe asks is it time we paid more attention to the benefits of herbal medicine.
Herbal medicine, also called “botanicals”, can have effects similar to antibiotics. The difference is it is based on roots and herbs and is organic. But why do we push herbs aside? We are led to believe that organic foods and products are much healthier. So… Read more »

It’s a different dimension with District 8

Cian Moore takes a look inside one of the hot spots around for underground music, District 8.
Once upon a time, down a small, dusty Dublin side street, there was a theatre named Tivoli. This theatre has many purposes, but on 15 August 2014 those purposes would all be forced into the shadow of what it is best known for now, District… Read more »

Innocent’s Big Knit raises funds to help elderly people

Niamh Kelly reports on how little knitted hats help lives.
At a certain time of year, you may have seen those little hats upon many of Innocent’s smoothies in supermarkets and shops across the country. But, where do these hats come from? Who knits them and more importantly why? Innocent began the “Big Knit” campaign in… Read more »

Attitudes to vaccines built on ignorance

Jack Poole examines the shaky basis for the hostility to vaccines.
There have been growing tensions between the public and scientific community. Distrust has formed with an accompanying disregard for research and new discoveries. Why is this? What has happened to cause this divide? For decades, this problem has been compounded to the point of causing deaths… Read more »

Helping to solve the A&E crisis

Erin Kennedy reports on how St James’s Hospital in Dublin eases the pressure on its A&E Department.
“It’s ludicrous to think that we should be doing anything other than protecting the elderly,” said Professor Plunkett, Medical Director at St James’s Hospital in Dublin and lecturer at Trinity College. “Should not a country’s medical care be judged on how it treats the elderly?” Assaults… Read more »

Fighting the isolation of the elderly in Ireland

Ashley Callery reports on how Age Action help to improve life for the elderly.
As people grow older, the likelihood of their living alone increases. There is a large number of elderly people living in Ireland that face social isolation every day. However, ranges of services exist to help tackle this problem. Loneliness may not seem like a major problem… Read more »