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Food waste in France – contradictions of a modern country

Florence Schwartz discusses the contradiction of so much food wasted in a society where so many do not have enough to eat.
In France, 8.5 million people live under the poverty line, which means having less than €987 a month to live. Knowing that the average price of monthly rent in Paris was estimated between €20.81 and €43.13 per square metre on 1 January 2015, this leaves… Read more »

Mortgage restructuring possible key to economic rebuild

Solving the mortgage-arrears crisis may be the key to economic recovery, argues Colm Ryan.
The beginning of 2015 has brought with it a marked transformation regarding the predicted fortunes of the Irish economy. On reading or listening to news reports, there seems to be a renewed optimism towards the approaching years after half a decade of adversity. These reports concern… Read more »

Republicans opposed to the Good Friday Agreement by Peter Kearney

agreement_38456523_goodfridaydoc238Republicans opposed to the Good Friday Agreement is a radio documentary exploring the reasons and rationale of those opposed to the agreement of 1998.  Peter Kearney speaks with many republican volunteers who turned their back on… Read more »

Mission for Peace by Robyn Gleeson

CongoMission for Peace is a radio documentary by MA student, Robyn Gleeson.  The documentary tells the story of Stephen Gleeson and the Irish peacekeepers who fought in the Congo in the early sixties. It is an… Read more »

Dancing with an unsung hero by Zoe Fagan

four-courts-bombardmentDancing with an unsung hero is a documentary by Zoe Fagan.  It tells the story of Commandant, Michael Stephenson, who fought in the Irish Civil War.  It's a personal exploration of the life of the documentary… Read more »

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Gay marriage referendum: what it means for Ireland

Hayley Kenny considers the implications of the forthcoming referendum on same-sex marriage.
Voters in the Republic of Ireland will head to the polls on 22 May to decide whether to approve same-sex marriage. The marriage equality referendum, if passed, will enable gay and lesbian couples enter into a union on the same basis as heterosexual couples. While… Read more »

Ireland’s legislative clampdown on cigarette packaging

Is Ireland about to stub out the likelihood of its younger generation taking up smoking, asks Robyn Gleeson.
Ireland’s proposed ban on branded cigarette packets could pave the way for the rest of Europe to follow suit, according to the latest news reports. All tobacco products sold in the Republic will soon have a standard dark-coloured wrapper, depicting large health warnings and images of… Read more »

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