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Griffith Cork journalism student wins Simon Cumbers competition

DKANE 24/04/2015 REPRO FREE. Gemma O'Sullivan, Griffith College Cork with Ellie O’Byrne, a third year BA in Journalism student at Griffith College who has been awarded funding from the prestigious Simon Cumbers Media Fund to travel to Africa and produce… <a href=Read more »

Literary prize for Griffith film lecturer

sonya-gildea-fiction-winner_0 Congratulations to BA in Film and TV Production lecturer in Production & Direction - Sonya Gildea - who won the Cúirt New Writing Prize for Fiction 2015 and will be… Read more »

The tragic loss of Princess Diana

Christina Erasmus recalls the story of “England’s rose”.
When Earl Spencer delivered the eulogy for his dead sister, Princess Diana, the whole nation, indeed the world, knew of the circumstances surrounding her passing. She was a special one. Diana grew up on a large estate in Norfolk called Park House. She could have been any girl,… Read more »

Exploring history through creative video

Noor Saleh found a recent IMMA exhibition moving and inspiring.
In the art world, our instinct speaks out louder than reason and creates valuable works. Irish-born artist Duncan Campbell, who won the 2014 Turner Prize, is well aware of this as he expressed it through his first major exhibition in Dublin recently. He completed a BA… Read more »

‘Many are the layers to be interpreted in these works’

Danielle Maldonado found the recent Duncan Campell video exhibition at the IMMA intriguing.
Many would simply call it challenging, but the words thought provoking, inquiring, complex and “head scratching” suit better. Duncan Campbell’s recent exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) showed the video works of the Irish contemporary artist, winner of the 2014 Turner Prize. A… Read more »

Turner Prize winner Campbell provided fascinating exhibition

Nathan O’Carroll highly recommends the video artist’s recent exhibition.
The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham held a truly spectacular recent exhibition of the works of Duncan Campbell. The 2014 Turner Prize winner brings depth and creativity in his works, which can be seen in his flawless film Bernadette. Duncan… Read more »

Exhibition makes us think how we relate to commodities

Bruno Henrique Theodoro reports on a recent IMMA exhibition based on film.
The advent of technology in the 20th century has brought deep changes to art, for both production and understanding. Before, few could afford to have a painting or piece of sculpture – an art piece crafted by an artist. With the spread of photography and… Read more »

Silhouette smokers

Griffith joint second in Smedias 2015


SHORT STORY: If we’re beyond feeling guilt, we should worry, is the moral of this story by Clara Keller.
The day I let 50 mice loose in my school is remembered in two ways: the Greatest Senior Prank Ever and the Day all Hell Broke Loose at Kensington High School. But the only people that matter to me anyway disregarded the latter. “Rob Davis!” Mrs… Read more »