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Fallout from reality… A photography exhibition

Feel for lumps, save your life

Diane O’Connor talks to a woman who survived breast cancer.
Statistics reveal that breast cancer is the most common female cancer in Ireland. About 2,700 women get breast cancer in Ireland each year. The vast majority (eight out of 10) are over 50, though young women, and even in rare cases men, can also get breast… Read more »

How tattoos are perceived is changing

John Anderson believes attitudes to tattoos are gradually changing.
Tattoos have always been considered a taboo subject. When it comes to going under the needle, we have always been told that we will be hit by regret, we will be frowned upon, and a common negative comment is that it will be harder to… Read more »

Disabilities should not exclude people from normality

Annelise Howarth talks to a young woman about she overcomes the challenges she faces due to her disability.
Entering the bungalow, instantly you could tell it was a 20 something female’s dream home: pop-art posters on the walls, a huge-shape white leather sofa and pink décor throughout. Tea or a can is offered but before an answer is given, Aideen wheels back into… Read more »

Griffith lecturers in the media

2015-01-14_iri_6120382_I1 Griffith's Head of Faculty Niall Meehan and journalism lecturer Ronan Brady were in the Irish Independent and Irish Times this week. Niall was profiled in the education on Wednesday where John Costello interviewed him on his secondary… Read more »