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Pensioner apartments remain unoccupied over rents

Almost 100 new apartments in Dublin intended for senior citizens remain vacant due to disagreement over rent rates, reports Hazel Datahan.
The newly renovated Father Scully House, a senior-citizen housing complex in inner-city Dublin, still remains unoccupied over rent disagreements. Father Scully House, which is situated at the junction of Gardiner Street and Mountjoy Square, has 99 apartments but they are currently vacant because of the ongoing… Read more »

Councillors express concerns over funding cuts

Councillors argue that funding cuts cause risks for deprived communities, reports Raphaël Guillet.
Two inner-city councillors tried to pass an emergency motion concerning funding cuts at a Dublin City Council meeting recently. Independent Councillor Eilis Ryan and Councillor Tina MacVeigh from the People Before Profit Alliance warned the public through a press statement released just ahead of the meeting. The… Read more »

What chance rehabilitation if no remorse?

Conor McKeogh considers the issue of reintegration of offenders in the context of Ched Evans.
There has been a lot of scrutiny surrounding Ched Evans as of late. In what seems like a long time ago, the footballer’s athletic ability had been the topic for analysis but, recently, the Welshman’s off-field behaviour has been the cause for examination. By 2011, the… Read more »

Fashion show in aid of Baby Max Wings of Love Fund

Deirdre Flynn reports on a recent charity fund-raising event for children’s hospitals.
A charity fashion show was held recently in Gourmet Food Parlour, Malahide, Co. Dublin. All proceeds were going towards the Baby Max Wings of Love Fund. Darina and Declan Donnelly founded this charity in 2001 after losing their son Max to meningitis B and meningococcal septicaemia.… Read more »

The changing face of Irish politics

Stephen O’Brien looks at the changing nature of Irish politics and some of the influencing factors in this change.
“Promises are just something you make during election campaigns.” Pat Rabbitte, a Labour TD and former minister made this famous remark on Irish politics. Mr Rabbitte, who has had a career in Irish politics spanning over 25 years, certainly offered an interesting insight into the… Read more »

Long live the King

Not for nothing is Stephen King known as “the King of Horror”. Joe MacCarthy reviews two of the many films based on his books.
The Mist (2007) Frank Darabont, the writer/director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, delves into the horror genre with this homage to the 1960s B-movie horror classics. Darabont’s adaptation of a novella by Stephen King is a creature feature of unrelenting anxiety about the… Read more »

Nightmare on Realm Street

The clowns are actors, the sets are fake, but the screams are quite real, as Amanda Cowhig discovered on a visit to Cork’s Nightmare Realm.
The Nightmare Realm, located on Albert Quay, gives the people of Cork a unique experience in a fabricated world that could almost be described as a horror film brought to life. Your reporter decided to brave The Nightmare Realm (TNR) by dragging two of her… Read more »

The fear factor

Never mind the shrinks. Fear is a natural, rational human response to real threats in your environment – and more often than not, it is justified, argues Mike Olney.
Are you afraid of the dark? Or is it just one of a long list of irrational fears you choose to ignore? We are all afraid of something. It could be flying, public speaking or spiders. We tell ourselves that there is nothing to be afraid… Read more »

Is Ireland facing a housing crisis?

Homelessness in Ireland has reached crisis proportions. Joe McCarthy asks if the Irish Government is doing enough to tackle the problem.
As the weather has got colder, our thoughts go out to the less privileged souls that do not have the shelter that should be a basic human right. The figures from a recent report from charity group Focus Ireland show that the charity supported a… Read more »