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Being pro-choice: the changing tide

Tra My Nguyen Hoang considers how the public attitude to abortion has changed over the years in Ireland and the impact it has had on the pro-choice movement.
“Not the church, not the State, women must decide their fate!” a crowd of 5,000 chanted as they marched through the streets of Dublin – from the Garden of Remembrance to Leinster House – on a sunny Saturday in September. They were from Dublin, Cork,… Read more »

Legalise trade in rhino horn to combat poachers?

Rhino poaching is now recognised as a worldwide wildlife crisis. Christina Erasmus considers what can be done about it.
[caption id="attachment_3076" align="alignleft" width="720"]Photo by Nick de Lange Photo by Nick de Lange[/caption] South Africa, the last stronghold of rhino populations, has seen the worst spate of rhino poaching. The country is losing one rhino every nine hours, so… Read more »

The re-emergence of house and techno

The explosion of techno and house in the last year has led the genres to becoming one of the fastest growing and most dominant forms of music, in Ireland and globally, writes Stephen O’Brien.
A predominantly youthful crowd was galvanised for the club night Room 19’s opening party in The Twisted Pepper, as the queue was enchanted by melodic synth stabs that accompanied the bouncy bass line emitting from the basement. The elation at Room 19’s return from Ibiza… Read more »

Night creatures’ problem: finding a good place to eat

Patricia Martín Aguirre looks at the lack of good places to eat late at night or early morning.
A phrase often heard most after a night out, or just after a day of staying up, late is: “I’m so hungry. Cities need a bar or a restaurant where you can dine again or where the insomniacs can go to have breakfast.” It is… Read more »

New health trends may cause obsession

With health being discussed more than ever in western society, it might be time to look into the downside of living the ultimate health dream to a point at which it becomes extreme, writes Therese Ekevid.
This has been the year of health and fitness in a lot of aspects in western society. Some worry about what they put into their bodies more than ever by buying organic food, banning gluten from their diets and talking about the importance of knowing… Read more »

“Anyone selling or buying tickets?”

Raphaël Guillet looks at the phenomenon of ticket touting.
Have you ever been so desperate to go to a concert that you had to buy tickets from a tout? It happened to this reporter. Have you ever been rejected at the entrance to a concert because your ticket was counterfeit? That also happened to… Read more »

Typhoon Haiyan: One year later

Hazel Datahan reports on the rebuilding of homes and lives in The Philippines, one year on after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.
It has been a month since Getty Elises returned to Ireland to be reunited with his family after a four-month stay in his home province of Leyte in The Philippines, the place where many of the gruesome images seen on our TV screens and the… Read more »

Low turnout for students’ rally

The Union of Students in Ireland’s pre-budget rally was declared a success despite the low turnout, writes Conor McKeogh.
Standing outside the Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square, there’s a storm-front coming in. A low hum vibrates through the ground and light smoke fills the air. The hum, however, is not the low din of cars and buses ferrying passengers into town but the… Read more »

A riot of character and colour

Dónal O’Flynn recently really enjoyed Shrek: The Musical.
Ireland’s biggest and brightest theatre recently played host to a riot of character and colour on the opening night of Shrek: The Musical. This UK touring production is on a road trip to Ireland, having stopped off at Belfast’s Grand Opera House before dropping anchor at… Read more »

Quality songs of a different kind

Lucas Illanes reviews alt-J’s latest album, This Is All Yours.
Many feared for the future of the band alt-J after the departure of Gwil Sainsbury, the band’s bassist. The public was wondering if the unique style that the band has brought would continue on the same path or diverge into something utterly different. Luckily for… Read more »