Monthly Archives: April 2014

Ukraine: One state, two countries

Divisions in the Ukraine will not be easily overcome, writes Ksenija Archipova.
It started some time ago: the western part of the country turned towards the EU and NATO and the eastern part preferred the opposite side, its eastern neighbour with an established customs union. Does it really matter which union it joins? Now the Ukraine is… Read more »

JDIFF adds glamour to Dublin’s cinema scene

Damien Ryan looks back at the recent Dublin Film Festival.
Dublin has a remarkably high film attendance per capita, easily one of the highest in Europe, yet we never truly celebrate the cinema experience. Indeed, for a country known for its artistic flair on paper, Ireland does seem to fall short when it comes to… Read more »

Just how safe are e-cigarettes?

Is an alcohol-flavoured nicotine inhaler really the right step towards “greener smoking” or stopping smoking, asks Sarah Larkin.
Invented in 2004 by Chinese chemist Hon Lik, on behalf of the company RUYAN Group (now Dragonite International) in Beijing, China, the electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) has experienced a decade of dramatic increase in usage and wide development and expansion. However, there is little evidence on… Read more »

Different countries tackle bullying differently

Teasing, violence, intimidation… How do different countries deal with bullying in schools, asks Camille Verdier.
The worst pain for a parent is to lose a child. So how does one react when they discover the lifeless body of their son in his room or watch their daughter fight a losing battle after receiving serious injuries inflicted by her classmates? “Bullying is… Read more »

Modern-day gladiators taking enormous health risks

The increase in concussions has scared the NFL but Rugby Union has a different way of dealing with concussions, writes Justin O’Brien.
American National Football League (NFL) running back Reggie Bush told Andrew Hart of the Huffington Post last December that playing in a football game is like “being in a car crash”. Concussions have been one of the biggest problems in the NFL over that past couple… Read more »

Does modern-day Cinderella seek a sugar daddy, not a prince?

With more than 5,000 Irish students signed up online with promises of a sugar daddy to give them the lifestyle they dream of, is the reality a fairy-tale or a nightmare, asks Blathin de Paor.
The classic Cinderella fairy tale got a modern makeover in the 1990s with the release of Pretty Woman, which depicted a rich businessman who hires a prostitute to be his girlfriend for a week. That arrangement eventually ended happily ever after. In recent years, the increasing… Read more »