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Dieting can have serious effects on jockeys’ health

JJ Slevin investigates how dieting affects the mental and physical health of jockeys in the horse-racing world today.
The horse-racing industry is a huge business in Ireland with one in eight people employed in it in the countryside. When many casual viewers think about the sport, they think of horses being beaten to a pulp by small rich men who are out to… Read more »

Are victims of symphysiotomy being ignored?

Holly Lenny investigates symphysiotomy in Ireland to uncover why compensation for its victims is being delayed as many die without justice, allowing the State to win the battle.
Ireland does not exactly have an ideal track record when it comes to women’s rights, especially reproductive rights. In the past four years, there have been many issues brought to light whereby women have suffered life-altering abuse at the hands of the Irish State. Women, who… Read more »

‘Not fit for dogs’

For the last four years, the residents of Skeheenarinky, Co. Tipperary, have been living under a boil-water notice and are set to spend the next two years living under the same conditions. Erica Doyle Higgins investigates why.
“Our son Patrick was born on 26 June 2000. When he was weaned eight weeks later, I was making his bottles with the tap water and what was being left at the bottom of the bottles was a sandstone residue, so I contacted the health… Read more »

Lobbying by corporate power undermining democracy?

From U-turns on electoral promises to illicit meetings in Government Buildings, Bernard Moran investigates the influence of concentrated capital on the affairs of our state.
In 2013 the Cabinet approved the drafting of Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin’s Regulation of Lobbying Bill 2013. The bill, due to be enacted in 2015, provides for the establishment of a statutory web-based register of lobbying activity. A regulator will be appointed… Read more »

Raining again

Graduate nominated for the Henessey Literary Awards

Last year, Robert Higgins a graduate of the MA in Journalism and Media Communications won a Smedia award for Best Short Story. This year he has been nominated in the Best Emerging Fiction category of the Hennessy Literary Awards. The awards are according to the Irish… Read more »

Pulled between East and West

The Ukraine’s weak commitment to democratic values has sparked an internal conflict. Vaida Balbieriute considers who has the best chance of deciding its outcome.
A new stage in Ukraine’s relationship with the European Union was supposed to be marked on 29 November 2013. During the Eastern Partnership summit, which was held in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was supposed to sign a free-trade association agreement.… Read more »

Northern oil activities increase with ‘new research’

Dan Arvid Bjørsvik reports on how oil companies may be defusing the dangers of oil extraction in the Arctic Ocean.
According to a Norwegian scientific newspaper,, it is a sensation that the bacterial flora in the Arctic eats spilled oil just as effectively as in the North Sea given the temperature differences. However, scientists have been aware of this for over 30 years. So… Read more »

Little support for male victims of domestic abuse

Statistics show that men are victims of domestic abuse almost as often as women, yet there is a vast difference in support services in Ireland. Mary McFadden investigates why.
Generally when one thinks of domestic abuse, it is likely one will think of a woman being abused by a man. Through the use of national campaigns and influence by the media, the idea of a woman being a victim and a man being a… Read more »

Debate on Ireland’s low corporation tax goes on

Is Ireland’s low corporation-tax rate an economic miracle or a dirty secret, asks Michelle Manuel.
In an era of austerity where every euro counts, the Irish Government continues to allow tax-avoidance loopholes to exist in the national tax code and international taxation frameworks. This combined with a low stated corporate-tax rate of 12.5 per cent makes Ireland one of the… Read more »