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Most climate-effected regions are in countries of ‘third world’

Haiti, the Philippines and Pakistan were worst hit by climate catastrophes last year, reports Adam Rifi.

  STANDFIRST:    PULLQUOTE: “Particularly in relative terms, poorer developing countries are hit much harder”   The annual Global Climate-Risk Index, published recently, revealed that eight out of 10 effected countries last year were “third world” countries, with Haiti topping the list followed by the Philippines and Pakistan. The devastating… Read more »

O’Driscoll and McVerry share Freedom of City award

Phillip Costigan reports on the latest recipients of Dublin’s highest award.
Leinster and Ireland rugby star Brian O’Driscoll is to be awarded the Freedom of the City of Dublin, along with Fr Peter McVerry SJ, creator of the Peter McVerry Trust charity to aid the homeless. The decision was made at the November 2013 Dublin City Council… Read more »

Councillors disagree over changing Barnardo Square

Laura Hunt reports on disagreement among Dublin city councillors over changing a Dame St location.
Councillors disputed with each other at the Dublin City Council (DCC) meeting on 4 November over new suggestions for Barnardo Square, proposed by Fáilte Ireland. Barnardo Square, situated on Dame Street, is to be replaced by Dubline Information Office, which will be managed by Fáilte Ireland.… Read more »

Magnesium levels important for long-term brain function

Something as simple as eating the right foods can help brain function, writes Mary McIlvaine.
November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and the medical community agrees that cognitive impairment is an epidemic in the United States. Dr Guosong Liu, one of the world’s leading cognitive-health researchers, suggests that elevation of brain magnesium through dietary intake of magnesium threonate allows for positive… Read more »

Restaurants unhappy with recent water restrictions

A café manager tells Ciara Griffin how he lost business because of water restrictions.
Some Dublin restaurants claim that they had too little time to conserve water during the recent water restrictions, resulting in loss of business. On 31 October, Dublin City Council brought in water restrictions around the city to conserve and save water. These restrictions were put in… Read more »

Dublin City Council cancels disposal of Dublin 8 site

Dublin City Council recently passed a motion cancelling the disposal of the site on Chamber Street off Cork Street in Dublin 8, reports Josefina Maria Bentz.
Dublin City Council (DCC) recently passed a motion which cancelled the planned disposal of a site in the south-west inner city. The site will now be eligible for a public park. At their monthly meeting, councillors on DCC voted in favour of a park on the… Read more »

World’s most prestigious soccer award seldom goes to defenders

James McGlade looks at why individual soccer accolades are dominated by goalscorers.
Though he is only 21, David Alaba has long been touted for glory. He became Austria’s youngest player in 2009 at the age of 17, months before he had made his Bayern Munich debut, let alone established himself in the team. Little has halted his… Read more »

Russia, FIFA and the World Cup

James McGlade looks at the potential dangers of hosting the world’s largest sporting event in a state of intolerance.
The punishment of partial stadium closure for directing monkey chants at an African player is a bit of a slap in the face in the battle against racism. Yet few could say they were shocked by the feeble way in which UEFA chose to chastise… Read more »

Dublin’s melting pot

Parnell Street East has been Dublin’s unofficial “Chinatown” for years. Adam Rifi looks at how it was created, where the problems lie and what the future may look like.
“This pub has been here for 21 years and I’ve been here for the past 10. Then about five years ago I went to Boston for a year or two and when I came back: Boom! Chinese everywhere.” The sudden wave of mostly Chinese immigrants in… Read more »

It’s the mind that pulls the trigger, not the finger

Should medical records be consulted before purchasing a firearm in the United States is allowed, asks Mary McIlvaine.
America continually struggles with the devastating effects of the right to bear arms within the country. After another elementary-school shooting in Nevada killed two people including the shooter and injured two more, constant talks about gun reform have hit Congress and encouraged President Obama to… Read more »