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From Griffith to Chicago

Kevin Egan, a 2006 graduate from the BA in Journalism and Visual programme, is making waves in the USA as a soccer commentator and associate producer on all sports with a FOX Sports company called BTN in Chicago. If you want to see more of Kevin’s… Read more »

How to cope with exam nerves

Nervous about your exams? Urte Mitschunas has some advice to offer
Cold sweat, heart palpitations and a queasy feeling in the stomach: most of us are familiar  with the symptoms of exam nerves. But for some of us the nervous restlessness before a test is not just a form of anxiety but a serious problem. Exam… Read more »

From ruin to rejoice in Sarajevo

Mark Lynch looks at the exploits of a team representing a country that was devastated by war only a short time ago.
On a recent Friday night in the world of football, there was a lot of talk about the first meeting in international circumstances between Serbia and Croatia, two of the new countries born out of the war-torn region that was Yugoslavia. Both managers upped the… Read more »

Cannabis – legalise, decriminalise or just carry on as we are?

Peter O’Neill examines the issue of legalising the use of cannabis.
The debate concerning legalising cannabis in Ireland has increased with the introduction of one man stepping into the ring to fight on the pro-cannabis side. Yet is this contender just a lightweight, punching above his weight, and is the pro-cannabis movement not always doomed to… Read more »

Badlands producing good music

Robert Murphy talks to the owner of Badlands Studios in Dublin 8.
In a little scenic lane in Greenmount Industrial Estate in Harold’s Cross, right behind Griffith College, lies Badlands Studios, a rehersal and recording studio frequented by bands from Dublin and beyond. Its owner, Pat Murphy, is a humble, light-hearted character who gives the image of a… Read more »

Still sweet after nearly 80 years

Deirdre Keeley reports on a long-established sweet factory in Dublin 8.
Ritchie’s sweet factory first opened in Inchicore, Dublin 8, in 1936. It was founded by Hector Ritchie Snr and has been operated since then by his descendant family. While they have been creating new products, many of their older ones evoke memories in the older… Read more »

Cricket Ireland breaking new boundaries

Patrick Allen looks at the Irish cricket team’s growth as a result of success in recent world competitions.
Many of Ireland’s greatest sporting successes have come against English sides. People recall Stuttgart in 1988 or Croke Park in 2007. However, frequently overlooked is Ireland’s victory over England in Bangalore in the 2011 Cricket World Cup. It has been two years since that famous… Read more »

Expand the meaning of family – go abroad

Living abroad does not just create new friendships, it creates new families, argues Eva Lukai.
Our family forms a great part of our lives but nowadays young adults have to cross borders if they want to compete in modern society. Therefore one should take the chance and go abroad to explore the meaning of the word family and build friendships… Read more »

End of the winter break of tenant evictions

Elise Boorée writes about the end of the winter break of tenant evictions in France
The winter break of tenant evictions in France started on 10 October 2012 and ended on 31 March 2013. This break is established every year to protect lots of families who cannot pay their rent any more, to save them from having to live on… Read more »