Monthly Archives: December 2012

Making music from Dublin to LA

Robert Murphy recently interviewed Laurence Meade of Hero in Error.
Laurence Meade grew up in Ballymun with a passion for music. He has been on the Irish music scene for more than 13 years but is still only 27 years old. He plays bass, manages bands, makes business decisions, does a bit of marketing, is… Read more »

Liberty Market, ‘A Taste of Real Dublin’

Alice Poujol visits a market located for almost 40 years in one of the oldest parts of Dublin.
As you walk down Meath Street in Dublin 8, you can easily miss the tiny entrance of the Liberty Market hidden behind the front of what looks like any shoe shop. But if you walk in, you discover one of the oldest – and cheapest… Read more »

Helping with the serious issue of homelessness

As Christmas approaches, Ebony McMillan spoke to three organisations dealing with the problem of homelessness.
There are many organisations in the Dublin 8 area who help people in need; most of these are helping to deal with the issue of homelessness. As Christmas is fast approaching, this reporter spoke to three of these centres to find out how they are… Read more »

Women’s boxing a growing sport in Ireland

Deirdre Keeley spoke to Irish amateur-boxing administrators about the growth of the sport among women.
First designated in 2009 as an Olympic sport, female amateur boxing had its debut at the London 2012 Olympics. Since then, both Ireland and the world have seen a growth of interest in the sport. “Boxing is Ireland’s premier sport. Ireland has more medals for… Read more »

Joys of being a Dublin taxi driver

Molly Ebbs talked to some taxi drivers about a few of the more bizarre experiences they have had.
When it’s raining, when we’re drunk, when we’re late or even when we’re lazy, we all get taxis. We get into the taxi, we tell the driver our destination and when the journey is over we pay the fare – it’s a pretty standard thing,… Read more »

A passion for fashion

Erica Doyle-Higgins talked recently to one of Ireland’s foremost fashion designers.
Richard Lewis is possibly the most renowned women’s fashion designer in Dublin and Ireland. He recently took some time out from preparing his new collection to discuss with this reporter his life growing up, where he studied, his business, his depression after the passing of… Read more »

Rents in Dublin 8 continue to increase

Tenants in Dublin 8 are paying more for their rent this year than last, reports Peter McKeever
Despite the ongoing recession, rent rates in the south of Dublin city have increased by over 2 per cent, according to a report. The report states that the average price for a one-bedroom rental accommodation in Dublin 8 is €774. That is almost €30… Read more »

Campaign afoot to save Lennox Street trees

Peter McKeever reports on a local Dublin 8 campaign to save trees from being cut down by Dublin City Council.
Local residents in Dublin 8 are campaigning to stop Dublin City Council felling a group of trees on Lennox Street. Declan Dunne, an organiser of the campaign, said: “The residents received a letter from the Parks Department of Dublin City Council informing them that nine of… Read more »

Fermanagh resort likely to host G8 summit

It seems likely that world leaders will be in Co. Fermanagh next year, reports Shauna Duggan.
Government and security sources say Northern Ireland is among a number of locations in the United Kingdom rumoured to hold next year’s G8 summit. Speculation is rising that the five-star Lough Erne resort and golf-club complex in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, is one of several United Kingdom… Read more »

Traveller suicide rate five times higher than rest of society

Suicide is a major problem in the Travelling community, reports Donna Rooney.
Recent studies show that the Travelling community have a shorter life expectancy and higher suicide rates. Traveller men are now living 15 years less than men in the general population, a new study has found. Suicide is predominately a male issue. For the total population, male suicide… Read more »