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Light Trails

Alternative magazine with a straight edge

The faculty at Griffith hosts a range of international students, some who stay and others who keep travelling. Brazilian MA 2011 student Glauce Ferrari has gone from wet Ireland to sunnier Italy and… Read more »

Grass is always greener

Katie Roche, Griffith alumni, part time lecturer and journalist, had an article in the Irish Examiner last week, 14th August. Katie is a subeditor, freelance writer and journalism lecturer who has previously worked… Read more »

The Best of Talking Balls

Talking Balls went live on the air across Dublin and around the world on Saturday the 28th of January, 2012. Following a successful stint on 97.3 Griff FM, the team came together to make a website which would enable them to show off their writing skills,… Read more »

The Munich Air Disaster

Cathal Breathnach looks back on one of the most tragic sporting accidents in history, the Munich Air Disaster of 1958, that took the lives of many of the youngest side ever to win the Football League. This documentary examines that fateful day of February… Read more »


Molly Sanderson, looks at the Griffiti movement in Ireland, what motivates the people who paint on street walls and is it street art, rather than vandalism. Griffiti and street art is growing in popularity in Ireland, so should more areas and walls be dedicated to… Read more »


Maire Bailbe examines the culture of busking on the streets of Dublin, and speaks with buskers, musicians, record store staff and members of the public about the history and art associated with busking in Ireland. [wpaudio url="" text="Listen to 'Busking'"]  … Read more »

Happy Days

Happy Days is a Radio Documentary produced by Claire Murrihy, that examines the experiences of students of all ages in the education system. Claire spoke to children who were starting school, students experiencing college for the first time or returning as mature students and… Read more »

The Land of Gold

This radio documentary is entitled “The Land of Gold”. It is about the sinking of the SS Tayleur on January 21st, 1854. She was one of the first iron hulled clipper ships and was bound for Melbourne, Australia, during the Australian Gold Rush. [wpaudio url="" text="Listen… Read more »

Face for Radio

James Keating presented Face for Radio's final show on Griff FM. The programme is a mix of chat and music so it was a team effort. Martin Reulecke was on the sound desk, and Aoife Darmody and Caroline O'Doherty co-presented. The music was pitched at… Read more »