Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dissertation hand in day for BA (Hons) students

Some happy final year BA (HONs) in Journalism and Visual Media students handing in their dissertations on April 19th. The group above are part of the first cohort of students to take this double credit… Read more »

Griffith’s Smedia record: 4 winners, 28 shortlisted, 37 nominations

Congratulations to the four winners,  28 Griffith students shortlisted, a record number, and the 37 nominations  in 17 categories, another record, for the 2012 Smedias. The student media awards sponsored this year by… Read more »

Getting it right on media ethics

The panel face the tough questions

News media ethics, market regulations, the top salary earners at RTE, the relationship between public and private sector media, the power of advertisers and… Read more »

From Griffith to Utopia

Griffith College lecturer Ruby Wallis has launched a new exhibition in Galway this week. Moving Stills "explores the representation of a utopian community in the west of Ireland. Using the medium of film and photography,… Read more »

Science Fiction for the Counterfeiter

How 3D Print Technology is Set to Transform the Luxury Fashion Industry
Star Trek-like 3D printing technologies look set to take the global manufacturing industry by storm. Similar in theory to the humble photocopier, 3D printers can scan inanimate household objects and ‘print’ their exact 3D ‘photocopy’ - in some instances, for a fraction of the cost.… Read more »