Monthly Archives: February 2012

Two Griffith lecturers in the Irish Times

Seeing the name of one Griffith College media lecturer in the letters page of the Irish Times is notable, two in consecutive days is unprecedented. Most importantly it demonstrates the diversity of independent thought and… Read more »


Griffith alumni rocks RTE 2XM

Darren Cleary a graduate of Griffith's  BA (HONS) in Journalism and Visual Media has started a new weekly radio show on RTÉ 2XM. In Colour, presented by Darren, is a one hour… Read more »

Dublin 8’s own flea market

A new flea market in Dublin 8, started over three years ago, has been a great success, writes Sarah Mullen.
The Dublin Flea Market was started in November of 2008 by Sharon, Aisling and Luca. They started it because when they were travelling they “saw these markets in different parts of the world, such as Spain, and there weren’t any markets of that sort in… Read more »

An adventure on your doorstep

Josephine Chau takes us on a visit to tourist sites in one of Dublin 8’s districts.
The Dublin 8 area has a lot to offer tourists but how aware are locals of their area’s riches? Dublin 8 is one of the largest postal codes and areas in county Dublin. It is filled with tourist attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse, St… Read more »

Dublinia brings history alive

Omatayo Shonubi writes about a popular tourist attraction in Dublin 8.
Dublinia is one of the most popular tourist attractions based in Dublin 8 since its opening in 1993. The building is on a Viking settlement and connected to Christ Church Cathedral by a medieval footbridge. It is one of the few museums that offer a… Read more »

Bingo is bigger than ever

Megan Martin discovers that an old game is as popular as ever.
Meet Dublin 8’s best bingo hall, student friendly and a great place for some money-making fun. The National Stadium in Dublin 8 was built in 1939 and is the only purpose-built boxing stadium in the world. The stadium is famous for hosting national sporting events, but… Read more »

Being Muslim in Ireland

Lorcan Mullally learns some of the story of a multicultural couple living in Dublin 8.
Ireland is changing. Over the last 20 years there has been a steady increase in immigration into Ireland from all over the world. With new people come new ideas, new customs and in some instances, new religions. In the 2006 Census, it was recorded that… Read more »

Some views on homelessness in today’s society

Josephine Chau considers the widespread problem of homelessness in Dublin.
There are currently over 2,366 homeless people living in the Dublin area alone, according to the Homeless Agency. More than 1,598 of these are male, 746 female and 22 did not state their gender in the survey. Due to the nature of this problem, it… Read more »

Another teen internet entrepreneur taking over the cyber world

Josephine Chau talks to a successful 18-year-old internet entrepreneur.
At the young age of 18, internet entrepreneur Adam Saint James owns six websites, is developing three more and owns four applications in the cyber world, along with becoming runner up in many categories in the Webby Awards. It is amazing to think someone so young… Read more »