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From Drogheda to the new government in Libya

Griffith radio lecturer Anne Daly interviews Dr Fatima Hamroush, Libya's new health minister in the transitional government.

Dr Fatima Hamroush

[wpaudio url="" text="Listen to the interview with Dr Hamroush here"] She only revealed her identity this year such was her fear of the reach of  Col Gaddaffi.  However, today… Read more »

Rally against the Church of Scientology is small

A recent rally in Dublin against the Church of Scientology attracted just five protesters, writes Sjur Magnus Bergstrøm
Anonymous has experienced a decrease in protesters but say they will not stop fighting against what they call “an abusive church”. They had their 45th protest against the Church of Scientology outside the church in Middle Abbey Street in Dublin on a recent Saturday. The protest… Read more »

Semi Precious Weapons believe 2012 is going to be their year

Laura Lyne writes about the band who have high hopes for 2012

The past two years have been generous to Semi Precious Weapons (SPW). They released their debut album on a major label (You Love You, Interscope), opened for Lady Gaga on her “Monster Ball” tour around the world, and… Read more »

Dublin Simon: knights on the streets of Dublin

The Dublin Simon Community was formed over 40 years ago. Kristin Karlsson looks at the work it does
We have all seen them, the hunched men and women sitting beside the ATMs, outside shops or on O’Connell Bridge with a disposable coffee mug clasped in their dirty hands, mumbling quietly. I rarely meet their gaze, even though I know that they are looking… Read more »

Love is crazy and stupid – and entertaining

Julie Browne reviews one of the best romantic comedies she has seen
Crazy Stupid Love is one of the best romantic comedies (if not the best) this reviewer has ever seen. She was expecting just another cheesy and predictable movie but was pleasantly surprised by the movie and its incredible cast. The whole cinema was captivated by… Read more »

Chuggers becoming public enemy no.1

Ian Begley explores the phenomenon that is known as “chugging”
From the moment you step onto the street, they are watching you. They notice your every movement and will stop at nothing to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. Do not think for a second you will be spared. For these people are trained… Read more »

Occupy Dame Street receives increasing support

Ian Begley talks to some of those taking part in what has become an international protest movement
Demonstrators who are currently camping on Dame Street prepare for the weeks ahead with seemingly growing support for their cause. The occupiers have seen a steady increase in numbers since the protests began. There are no plans, as of yet, for ending the protest any time… Read more »

Dame Street occupiers determined to stay

Sjur Magnus Bergstrøm talks to two men taking part in the Occupy Dame Street protest
It is now several weeks since the Occupy Dame Street protest started and there are still as many protesters as on the first day. Approximately 50 people, most of them between 20 and 25 years old, are standing outside the Central Bank. One of them is… Read more »

Spate of crimes in north Kildare

The north Kidare area witnessed a spate of serious crimes over one week in October, writes Julie Browne
The Garda Regional Support Unit has been patrolling north Kildare following a spate of serious crimes during the week 20th-27th October. On 20th October, two women were walking home through Central Park Way in Clane when two men approached them and threatened them with a… Read more »