Monthly Archives: August 2011

Apple’s challenge

Jobs emphasis on design and research is a template for creative and cultural sector
Steve Jobs resignation as Apple’s chief executive has prompted volumes of coverage and has been on news bulletins internationally across all media today. For some time Jobs has been a talismanic figure at the company, particularly… Read more »

Snow video from New Zealand

Irish film maker’s You Tube and Vimeo film gets audience attention
A time lapse video made by Ro Tierney, an Irish film maker living in Wellington New Zealand, is getting Internet traction this week with close to 90,000 people viewing his short film capturing the rare… Read more »

Jersey Shore’s negative branding power

Abercrombie & Fitch pay Jersey actors not to wear their products
Don’t deny it, we know you have watched at the very least a few minutes of Jersey Shore, or maybe sat through it’s Newcastle counterpart Geordie Shore, or The Way is Essex. But do these programmes… Read more »

Media students need to know who owns Y.M.C.A

Knowledge of copyright and intellectual property is important for media and law students.
So who owns the rights to Village People’s YMCA? We have all danced to it at one stage in our life, most of us more than once, whether you are six to sixty and upwards.… Read more »