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Joseph Morgan looks at the problem of defaults on mortgages held by lower paid and unemployed citizens.
The Irish government may have bailed out the banks to the tune of tens of billions of Euros in the past 18 months but the problem is not over. Defaults on mortgages held by the low paid and unemployed in Ireland are on the rise… Read more »

Madame, Mistress and Martinet: The Life of Sarah Kelly

James Ward explores the remarkable life of the Victorian adventuress Sarah Kelly
Born into peasant stock, Sarah defied social constraint to become one of the wealthiest women in the British empire. Her life, marked by degradation, social exaltation and moral corruption, was dramatically ended in 1856 by an assassins bullet in County Westmeath. James Ward reveals her… Read more »

The Life of a Young Refugee

Gina Karoline Dalen explores what it's like to be a young refugee.
I went to Oslo and met 19 Norwegian teenagers who, through role-playing, learn what it's like to be a refugee on the move, running from a country in conflict. Jan Steen, a journalist from SteenMedia, tells us about life in the largest refugee camp in… Read more »

It’s a Man’s World, or is it?

In this documentary Darren Cleary explores the notion that the broadcasting industry is a haven for chauvinistic men.
Darren is joined by former TV3 presenter and Newstalk radio host Claire Byrne, as well as the Irish Independent's Daire O'Brien. With analysis from industry experts across the fields of print, radio and television, themes touched upon include the importance of appearance, women making their… Read more »

Roma – The Forgotten People

This is a documentary exploring the Roma experience in Ireland.
Coming from Eastern Europe, the Roma have come here to seek a better life, one which was denied to them in their home countries. This documentary aims to see if life here is better, if the Irish are as tolerant as we claim… Read more »

Problems In Mountjoy Prison Continue

Overcrowding, violence and other problems continue to dog Mountjoy Prison, writes Wayne Doyle
Hygiene conditions in Mountjoy Prison “are not as bad as they used to be, but overcrowding is a massive problem,” according to Stephen Langton of the Irish Prison Services Visiting Committee. Mr Langton stated that conditions are “improving” despite an independent report in 2009. The report… Read more »

The Real Mountjoy

Wayne Doyle visited Mountjoy Prison to see first-hand what conditions were really like
The rattle of keys and banging of big iron doors really drove home the point; this was the closest thing to hell on earth. With the smell of urine engulfing my senses, and the brisk, but very alert movements of prison officers along the corridors,… Read more »

Vampires: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Kristine Beck tries to figure out how Dracula morphed into Twilight
Vampires. When did the world become so obsessed with them? Although the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series was a hit, it is nothing like the new craze sweeping the nation called Twilight. Now you can argue that the Twilight saga is a modern adaptation of an… Read more »