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The Oldest Religion in the World

Sarah Mullen offers insights into Paganism as it is practised today

Halloween, or Samhain, in many people’s minds is just a day for kids to run around and go trick-or-treating and for family and friends to come around to look at pretty fireworks, with no real meaning put towards it, or… Read more »

Establishing a Niche in the Computer Games Market

Ryan O’Flynn looks at the career of one of the giants of machinima, Burnie Burns
Today, the world of film making has been vastly changed thanks to innovations such as computer-generated imagery (CGI), three dimensional (3D) and high definition (HD). But another revolution in film, often overlooked, is the use of graphics rendering engines (or game engines) in film production.… Read more »

A New, Demanding Type of Martial Art

Omotayo Shonubi interviews a Mixed Martial Art instructor on the tough new sport that combines various martial arts
Children and teenagers beating the life out of each other, using different combinations of all kinds of martial arts to get their opponents to submit to them, would be considered wrong by a lot of people. They believe that this particular group of children and… Read more »

Anonymous Waging War on Scientology

Lorcan Mullally interviews one Anon about an ongoing battle against Scientology

“Scientology is a dangerous cult!” These are the words plastered across placards and shouted by the members of Anonymous, at a protest outside the Scientology building in Dublin’s Abbey Street.

Anonymous began as an online group, united by… Read more »

Teen Entrepreneurs Taking Over the Net

Youth is no obstacle to establishing a successful internet career, as Josephine Chau discovered
At the fresh young age of just 17, internet entrepreneur Adam Saint James owns six websites, is developing three more and owns four applications in the cyber world. It is amazing to think someone so young is that successful when they are not even old enough… Read more »

Folk Music Undergoing Another Revival

Colm Gavin talks to the lead guitarist of The Eskies, one of the groups leading the Irish folk music revival
When the term “folk music” is used in everyday conversation, many of us conjure up the image of old Irishmen in woollen Aran jumpers with weather-beaten faces, plucking reels on an old banjo inside a pub in the outer reaches of west Clare, or some… Read more »

GCD in sunshine more »

Tackling The Problem Of Homelessness

Cairenn Mulvany looks at some answers to the increasing problem of homelessness
Homelessness has increased; in 1991 there were 2,700 homeless people in the country and 43,000 people on housing waiting lists. This has now jumped to 5,000 homeless, with 100,000 on council waiting lists. The Government said that they would eradicate homelessness by 2010 but the… Read more »

Running Towards The Eye Of The Storm

Being in the right place at the right time is important but being in the wrong place at the right time can also sometimes work out, as Alex Cox discovered
Talent and hard work play major roles in success. However, occasionally coincidence and timing can be the key factors in a good career. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can change the course of your life. Joseph Woolhead, an Irish photographer in… Read more »