The Power of Sound

Karl May had a mixed but mostly positive experience at a recent Dublin play. In this day and age, a play about marital struggles and volatile relationships is all too common. However, Look Back in Anger is an exception. The play successfully portrays the hardships that both sexes have to face and how their relationships with each other lead… Read more »

Cast Your Mental Health Issues Away

M.J Ryan, author of “The Power of Patience”, explains that learning patience greatly benefits health. Impatience causes stress, weakening your immune system and raising your blood pressure. Patience, meanwhile makes you calmer and more content and fishing is all about patience. There are so many… Read more »

A Century of Political Struggle for Equality

Currently, Ireland has one the lowest percentage of women representations in politics in Europe. A report, published by the Council of Europe in October 2017, looked into the political performance of women in the 47-nation Council of Europe. It stated: “Ireland is below the European… Read more »

Fashion In Ireland Taking Off?

An insight into Ireland’s fashion scene with Late2N’s founder, Shane Fitzpatrick. It was around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, in Waterford City. And I had just gotten off the train at Waterford City train station. The minute I got off the train I was greeted by Shane Fitzpatrick, the founder of the fashion brand Late2N (Late… Read more »

Anxiety: When Will my Heart Stop Racing, and my Knees Stop Shaking?

Anxiety Disorder is a rapidly growing mental health issue that needs to be treated like one. Joyce Scully from the Out and About Association, speaks about the severity of this disorder and what her association has to offer people struggling. As Anxiety Disorder grows, the risk of what to do for support is rising, as many don’t understand this mental health issue or don’t see it as one, but rather a type of personality or as shyness. According to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, it… Read more »

A more colourful Clanbrassil Street

Swathe Shanmugaraj writes about how the face of a local Dublin 8 street has changed over the years. Clanbrassil Street is a perfect reflection of what one might be able to expect from the diverse community now living in Dublin 8. Stretching from New Street to the Robert Emmet Bridge on the Grand Canal, this street has a significant impact on the development… Read more »

Should Prostitution be Legal in Ireland?

In an open-minded nation, the protection of sex workers should not be overlooked. The first time I ever thought about prostitution, I was offered €50 to ‘go on a walk’ with a man I did not know. Soon after, I met up with a friend of mine and told him what happened. He laughed and told me that… Read more »

The Master Barber Of Dublin

26 year-old Robert Flynn talks about the ever-growing barber culture in Dublin. Friday afternoon, 5:30pm to be exact. A tired Robert Flynn, also known as ‘The Wolfgang Barber’ is fresh off his shift of cutting hair for the day. Hair that’s fallen off the heads of the customers that day, still lying on the floor, with a… Read more »

Adults with Autism: Where is our future?

The transition from child to adult services is a difficult process. Parents are put on waiting lists to find that their child’s needs are not being met and left oblivious to their future. Imagine you’re pregnant, you are overjoyed to give birth to your child. You… Read more »

Hypnosis as a way of forgetting or coping with loss

Angelika Zaworska talks to a mother who lost a daughter tragically and turned to an alternative form of therapy for help. It is a cold Thursday morning in October and your reporter is sitting at a small table, in one of two chairs, while Elaine Byrne makes her order. We are in a recently opened Costa Coffee in the Lidl complex in Tallaght. She comes to… Read more »