The Power of Sound

Karl May had a mixed but mostly positive experience at a recent Dublin play. In this day and age, a play about marital struggles and volatile relationships is all too common. However, Look Back in Anger is an exception. The play successfully portrays the hardships that both sexes have to face and how their relationships with each other lead… Read more »

Scoops at Ruby Sessions: Offensive or entertaining?

Angelika Zaworska reports on a risqué musical performance she recently attended. The icy grey sky restlessly grumbles. The thick blackened clouds are dragged down by the heavy rain which it holds in its delicate frame. The wind does not arrive all of a sudden; it has been there all afternoon and straight through to the evening. Elsewhere… Read more »

Ruby Sessions strike a chord with audience

Aizzaty Sultan gives the thumbs up to the Tuesday-night music sessions in Doyle’s. Emotional, idiosyncratic, quirky: only the Ruby Sessions would be able to tick off these three. Situated in the heart of Dublin city centre, Doyle’s, a traditional Irish pub, hosts an intimate music gig every Tuesday night. Various famous artists have performed there such as Ed Sheeran,… Read more »