The Power of Sound

Karl May had a mixed but mostly positive experience at a recent Dublin play. In this day and age, a play about marital struggles and volatile relationships is all too common. However, Look Back in Anger is an exception. The play successfully portrays the hardships that both sexes have to face and how their relationships with each other lead… Read more »

Scoops at Ruby Sessions: Offensive or entertaining?

Angelika Zaworska reports on a risqué musical performance she recently attended. The icy grey sky restlessly grumbles. The thick blackened clouds are dragged down by the heavy rain which it holds in its delicate frame. The wind does not arrive all of a sudden; it has been there all afternoon and straight through to the evening. Elsewhere… Read more »

Ruby Sessions strike a chord with audience

Aizzaty Sultan gives the thumbs up to the Tuesday-night music sessions in Doyle’s. Emotional, idiosyncratic, quirky: only the Ruby Sessions would be able to tick off these three. Situated in the heart of Dublin city centre, Doyle’s, a traditional Irish pub, hosts an intimate music gig every Tuesday night. Various famous artists have performed there such as Ed Sheeran,… Read more »

Ghost of Ed Sheeran haunts Whelan’s

Peter Comiskey recently spent a disappointing night listening to would-be singer-songwriters at Dublin’s famous venue. Your reviewer was looking forward to his first night in Whelan’s, a pub known for live music. As an avid music listener, he anticipated having a good night out and maybe even discovering some up-and-coming talent. But it was to prove a naïve anticipation. On Whelan’s… Read more »

Exploring history through creative video

Noor Saleh found a recent IMMA exhibition moving and inspiring. In the art world, our instinct speaks out louder than reason and creates valuable works. Irish-born artist Duncan Campbell, who won the 2014 Turner Prize, is well aware of this as he expressed it through his first major exhibition in Dublin recently. He completed a BA… Read more »

‘Many are the layers to be interpreted in these works’

Danielle Maldonado found the recent Duncan Campell video exhibition at the IMMA intriguing. Many would simply call it challenging, but the words thought provoking, inquiring, complex and “head scratching” suit better. Duncan Campbell’s recent exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) showed the video works of the Irish contemporary artist, winner of the 2014 Turner Prize. A… Read more »

Turner Prize winner Campbell provided fascinating exhibition

Nathan O’Carroll highly recommends the video artist’s recent exhibition. The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham held a truly spectacular recent exhibition of the works of Duncan Campbell. The 2014 Turner Prize winner brings depth and creativity in his works, which can be seen in his flawless film Bernadette. Duncan… Read more »

Exhibition makes us think how we relate to commodities

Bruno Henrique Theodoro reports on a recent IMMA exhibition based on film. The advent of technology in the 20th century has brought deep changes to art, for both production and understanding. Before, few could afford to have a painting or piece of sculpture – an art piece crafted by an artist. With the spread of photography and… Read more »

Dreams on midsummer or even later summer lives

Danielle Maldonado considers the Abbey’s interpretation of a Shakespeare classic a great success. The audience waits for the drama to start, slightly impatient because of the 10-minute delay, to the sound of classical music. The theatre manager apologises for the absence of an injured actor and explains that the stage manager will recite her lines and small changes… Read more »

Love in old age in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

The play shows that love is for all ages, writes Bruno Henrique Theodoro. When is it too late to love? A great part of cultural products shows romantic love as destined for young people – foolish, inexperienced and passionate. For the oldies is reserved the contentment to remember the past and observe love blooming through the young. But… Read more »

Griffith Digital News

Two Griffith nominees in Magazine Ireland awards

  What are the chances of two Griffith alumni to be nominated as finalists in the 2016 Magazine Ireland awards? It is an even greater coincidence that the two graduates of the BA in Journalism and Media Communications… Read more »

Griffith Media News

Your photo view of Dublin could win €700

CoinaPhoto, a unique social media platform to share locally relevant social stock photography, is delighted to be partnering with Griffith College to launch a photography competition exclusive to Griffith College students. It is an exciting collaboration given… Read more »