Dublin Flea Market continues to thrive

The Flea Market survived the economic crash and is thriving, reports Patrick McGannon. The Dublin Flea market (DFM), founded in 2008, has not only survived one of the most serious recessions in the history of this country but has prospered and expanded in the past eight years. Located on Newmarket Square, in the south inner city, the market first… Read more »

Event discusses gender inequality in TV and film industry

A recent professional-development day addressed the lack of women writing and directing for the Irish film industry, reports Danielle Maldonado.  An event to raise awareness of the low participation of female writers and directors in film and TV took place at the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin in late last year. Called “Mindshift: Redressing Gender Equality in Writing for Film”, it was one of a series… Read more »

Art to provoke an audience

Bruno Theodoro reports on a drama festival that wants to bring discussion of social issues to Irish stages. A brand new art festival took place at Doyle’s on College Street, Dublin 2 in late November. Called Provoke Festival, it was organised by the Collective Theatre Company and featured acts of theatre, comedy and the spoken word. Having provocation as its theme, the festival had… Read more »

Visa conditions can constrain international student numbers

Leonie Machbert looks at how visa conditions can affect non-EU student numbers in Ireland. Ireland aims to increase the number of international students studying at Irish universities and colleges by 6 per cent in the coming three years. However, the visa conditions could prevent non-European students from studying in Ireland. “Irish universities have a good reputation. Students come here for… Read more »

Griffith College students campaign for equal access to SUSI grant

Griffith’s Students’ Union wants the grant made available to students at private colleges, reports Amelie Pyta. The Students’ Union from Griffith College has started a campaign that students from private colleges can get the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) grant. Currently students from private universities do not qualify for the SUSI grant. The SUSI programme is Ireland’s only national awarding authority for… Read more »