Republicans opposed to the Good Friday Agreement by Peter Kearney

Republicans opposed to the Good Friday Agreement is a radio documentary exploring the reasons and rationale of those opposed to the agreement of 1998.  Peter Kearney speaks with many republican volunteers who turned their back on… Read more »

Mission for Peace by Robyn Gleeson

Mission for Peace is a radio documentary by MA student, Robyn Gleeson.  The documentary tells the story of Stephen Gleeson and the Irish peacekeepers who fought in the Congo in the early sixties. It is an… Read more »

Dancing with an unsung hero by Zoe Fagan

Dancing with an unsung hero is a documentary by Zoe Fagan.  It tells the story of Commandant, Michael Stephenson, who fought in the Irish Civil War.  It's a personal exploration of the life of the documentary… Read more »

Gambler’s Ruin

Gambler’s Ruin: A gambler with finite wealth, playing a fair game, will eventually go broke against an opponent with infinite wealth. Or in simpler terms: the bookie always wins. In this radio documentary, Conor Rowan explores online gambling and attempts to exploit the increased availability of gambling… Read more »

Happy Days

Happy Days is a Radio Documentary produced by Claire Murrihy, that examines the experiences of students of all ages in the education system. Claire spoke to children who were starting school, students experiencing college for the first time or returning as mature students and… Read more »

The Land of Gold

This radio documentary is entitled “The Land of Gold”. It is about the sinking of the SS Tayleur on January 21st, 1854. She was one of the first iron hulled clipper ships and was bound for Melbourne, Australia, during the Australian Gold Rush. [wpaudio url="" text="Listen… Read more »

Face for Radio

James Keating presented Face for Radio's final show on Griff FM. The programme is a mix of chat and music so it was a team effort. Martin Reulecke was on the sound desk, and Aoife Darmody and Caroline O'Doherty co-presented. The music was pitched at… Read more »

Call Me 24-7

In this documentary, Martin Reulecke, looks at the history and evolution of the phone, 150 years on after its invention. How does the phone shape and control our lives and what impact have mobile phones and portable devices have on our day to day… Read more »

My Favourite Things: Personal Reflections on Activity in Older Age

Kirsty Lyons’s radio documentary explores the lives of three active older people living in Ireland today. It aims to find out about the people themselves, their lives and how they think they are perceived by the world. [wpaudio url="" text="Listen to My Favourite Things"] Kirsty’s work is an example… Read more »

I’m Still Dancing

This piece is based around the theme of older people remaining active past retirement with emphasis on members of Coisceim Dance Company’s ‘Broadreach Programme’. The classes take place weekly in Dublin city centre and are attended by men and women aged 55 plus. The participants explain… Read more »

Griffith Digital News

Two Griffith nominees in Magazine Ireland awards

  What are the chances of two Griffith alumni to be nominated as finalists in the 2016 Magazine Ireland awards? It is an even greater coincidence that the two graduates of the BA in Journalism and Media Communications… Read more »

Griffith Media News

Your photo view of Dublin could win €700

CoinaPhoto, a unique social media platform to share locally relevant social stock photography, is delighted to be partnering with Griffith College to launch a photography competition exclusive to Griffith College students. It is an exciting collaboration given… Read more »