Outcry for change in male behaviour

Angelina Niederpruem argues that changes in the structures of our society are needed to make women feel safer. The behaviour of Harvey Weinstein has triggered a debate about the handling of sexual violence in society – about the language we use when we talk about the opposite sex and also about structures and systems in which women are exploited, abused and discriminated against. Different… Read more »

Paws up for Dublin’s Chinese Year of the Dog

Carolina Hernández de Toledo reports on the recent Chinese New Year Festival in Dublin. Dogs took over Dublin recently for the Chinese New Year of the Dog, bursting into the city with different activities, traditions and cultural exchanges along the 27 venues of the festival. The 15 days’ celebration covered the city in the colour red, wishing everybody good… Read more »

The enduring popularity of Copper Face Jacks

Gillian Coleman writes about the ever-popular nightclub on Harcourt Street. Since the opening of Copper Face Jacks on the popular Harcourt Street in 1996, the club has been renowned for providing the people of Ireland with a night out in the “Big Smoke” full of cheesy hit songs from the noughties. The club is one of… Read more »

Growing trend of fitness among museum goers

Abubakar Ejaz reports that museums are no longer places for merely looking at things. Museums are not any more just places for seeing art and artefacts but are now also helping people to become healthy mentally and physically with benefitting from their calm and meditative environment. The last few years have seen some major trends emerge in the world of… Read more »