The tragic loss of Princess Diana

Christina Erasmus recalls the story of “England’s rose”. When Earl Spencer delivered the eulogy for his dead sister, Princess Diana, the whole nation, indeed the world, knew of the circumstances surrounding her passing. She was a special one. Diana grew up on a large estate in Norfolk called Park House. She could have been any girl,… Read more »


SHORT STORY: If we’re beyond feeling guilt, we should worry, is the moral of this story by Clara Keller. The day I let 50 mice loose in my school is remembered in two ways: the Greatest Senior Prank Ever and the Day all Hell Broke Loose at Kensington High School. But the only people that matter to me anyway disregarded the latter. “Rob Davis!” Mrs… Read more »

You’re better than you think!

SHORT STORY: Christina Sperber tells a story about the arrival of a new kid in town. “Guys, this is Jacob. He has just moved here from Chicago,” says Mr Hamilton. Jacob. I haven’t heard that name for a very long time. Everyone calls me Jake. I look around. My classmates are scrutinising me critically. It’s weird to see 30 pairs of eyes… Read more »

You’d be on every page

SHORT STORY : The story of how a tragedy destroyed a relationship and perhaps another life, by Marit Langset. She is standing in the middle of the room, looking at me like she wants something, needs something. I look away, but I can still feel her eyes on me. What did she expect? I get up from the crowded sofa and navigate through the… Read more »

The final act of the magical Mr Malthus

SHORT STORY: Carlos Lievonen creates a story about a missing ringmaster. On the last morning, quite unexpectedly, Draco walked into the main tent for breakfast. He took Bella’s slices from the toaster without a word, slathered them with butter, and began eating. It was like he was putting on a squeamish show. He opened his scaly… Read more »

This is not a love story

SHORT STORY: Patricia Martín Aguirre tells a story about a special visitor from the Orient, who did not stay. Possibly nobody will care about what I’m about to tell; everyone knows what is being said on the streets: love stories to hearts with hatred. Madrid is full of battles on the streets, inert bodies and direct casualties in this war of kisses empty of love.… Read more »

A rotten fairy tale

SHORT STORY: The brothers Grimm got it wrong, as Juliane Pröll reveals in this story. My name is Red. In bygone days they called me Red Riding Hood. But that wasn’t my original name. In the very early days, in the days of the Franconian kings, they called me White Riding Hood, because my cape was as white as snow. It… Read more »

Griffith Digital News

Two Griffith nominees in Magazine Ireland awards

  What are the chances of two Griffith alumni to be nominated as finalists in the 2016 Magazine Ireland awards? It is an even greater coincidence that the two graduates of the BA in Journalism and Media Communications… Read more »

Griffith Media News

Your photo view of Dublin could win €700

CoinaPhoto, a unique social media platform to share locally relevant social stock photography, is delighted to be partnering with Griffith College to launch a photography competition exclusive to Griffith College students. It is an exciting collaboration given… Read more »