Strange Dublin – adapting to new surroundings

Laura Kaspar writes about the phenomenon of “culture shock” for a foreign student in Dublin. For my first lecture in a college in Dublin I was 20 minutes early. I did not know when people would usually arrive and the thought of being late terrified me. But no one was there. When I was still the only one waiting five minutes… Read more »

Who or what is to blame for the decline of the Irish language?

Martin McGauley ponders the reasons for the decline in the use of Irish. With over a billion euro estimated to be spent on the promotion of the Irish language annually, why is there a continuing trend of people choosing not to use it in their daily lives? Is this money being wasted on needless and seemingly useless education? The… Read more »

Is there real choice is the Irish school system?

Alexander Lundquist considers the enduring place of religion in Irish primary schools. There is a country where over 90 per cent of all State-funded primary schools are run by the same organisation. That country is Ireland and that organisation is the Catholic Church. “The Irish education system is unique in that way,” says Jane Donnelly of

Viva Capoeira: the joy of rhythm and motion

Felix Knickenberg reports on an action-filled combat sport that originated in Brazil and has spread around the world. “Valente nao existe” or fearless does not exist goes a Brazilian saying. Those words describe what a capoeira player feels and embodies. Once a tool for the oppressed, capoeira unifies balance and power. It is the dance of gladiators. It is a duel between comrades. It… Read more »

Life with chronic pain: endometriosis

Carolina Miyasaka reports on a difficult to diagnose disease that causes women much pain. A condition affecting one in every 10 women should be a matter of concern. However, that is not necessarily the case for endometriosis, where women feel their doctors should be doing more to help them. Imagine being in pain every day: when you wake up, when… Read more »

An opening into doormen

Elaine Rogers gives an insight into a nightclub bouncer’s perspective on their job. Everyone is quick to punish club and bar security for their decisions on a night out, when in fact, we do not quite understand the complexity that their job entails. There is constant confusion in the minds of young adults about what it is that a… Read more »

Bridgefoot Street community 10-year fight for park

Claire Hayes reports on a Dublin 8 community’s long campaign for a park in their area. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that in an urban area, each individual should have at least 9 square metres of green space. Currently the Bridgefoot Street community of Dublin 8 comes in under this benchmark by a shocking 8.3 square metres. In other words,… Read more »

Standing against homophobic bullying

Raphaela Pauwels discusses homophobic bullying in schools and how to combat it. Homophobic bullying in schools can have serious consequences for many young people and can influence their way of perceiving themselves. It can be referred as bullying somebody – through physical violence, insults, the Internet, intimidation, isolation/exclusion, name calling etc. – because of their sexual orientation. According… Read more »

Survey shows Irish children among most obese in world

Recent studies reveal the growing problem of obesity among Irish children, reports Ryan O’Callaghan. Obesity is defined as a disease in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that health is adversely affected. According to a recent study published in The Lancet, Ireland and the United Kingdom are set to become the most obese countries in Europe in… Read more »

Nomophobia : a not-so-strange reality

Gillian Coleman reports on a phobia caused by addiction to mobile-phone use. Nomophobia is becoming an epidemic for the generation of today as children are getting smartphones at increasingly young ages, some as young as eight years old. It can be regarded as a growing problem nowadays, as a result of the revolution of smartphones and iPhones… Read more »