A more colourful Clanbrassil Street

Swathe Shanmugaraj writes about how the face of a local Dublin 8 street has changed over the years. Clanbrassil Street is a perfect reflection of what one might be able to expect from the diverse community now living in Dublin 8. Stretching from New Street to the Robert Emmet Bridge on the Grand Canal, this street has a significant impact on the development… Read more »

A strategy to end the homelessness crisis

Bruno Theodoro looks at a successful worldwide initiative against homelessness and wonders can it be applied to the Irish crisis. Ireland is facing an increasing crisis of homelessness, which has reached its worst level ever. In the light of such an appalling situation, what are the right steps to confront and end this problem once and for all? Ireland has surpassed the number of 1,000 families… Read more »

When art and science come together

Engineer, scientist and performer Dr Niamh Shaw talks about women in science and how to change old stereotypes to Danielle Maldonado. What if you could be an engineer, who is also a scientist, who is also a performer, who is also training to become an astronaut? Dr Niamh Shaw is already all of them, and she uses science to inspire people to think they can be all… Read more »