Staying fit and healthy as a student

Ryan O’Callaghan talks to a personal trainer and bodybuilding champion. With the all-nighters, late nights’ studying and partying all our money away, it may seem impossible to stay fit and healthy in college. This article will tackle the seemingly impossible and find out how to stay fit even with limited time and money. Students often struggle… Read more »

From shampoo boy to head stylist and manager

Aaron Dodd reports on a local business success story in Dublin 8. As the interview begins, Darragh Monaghan is a 24-year-old man fresh out of a jujitsu class, untamed hair under a flat peaked cap, tattooed, and rolling a cigarette – not your stereotypical male hairdresser. But it is this air of coolness that has breathed new… Read more »

A tale of two Liberties

Terence Birkby considers the contrasting fortunes of two parts of historical Dublin 8. For the local residents of the Liberties, the announcement of the proposed development at St James’s Gate displays the economic inequality of decline and renovation in the area. The “Home of the black stuff” and the famous black painted gates of Guinness, at St James’s Gate… Read more »

Local resource group embodies community spirit

Jordan Sweeney reports on a resource group at the heart of Dublin 8’s ever-expanding community. The dictionary defines the word community as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. But the word can be made to hold a much heavier weight and to strike a larger chord. In some ways, 2016 has… Read more »

Dublin’s municipal park a green and safe haven

The Phoenix Park fulfils so many needs for Dubliners and visitors alike, writes Kathleen Milewski. The Phoenix Park is an award-winning park that sits on the outside edge of Dublin 8. Its 1,752 acres of rolling hills and stunning views of the mountains and River Liffey are enough to make any visitor forget that they are still in the city… Read more »

Melting the iceberg of fear

Emmet McCabe discusses a report on recreational drug use and drug-debt intimidation with its author. A new campaign to highlight the effect that recreational drug use is having on violence and drug-debt intimidation in Ireland has been launched by the Safer Blanchardstown organisation. The Safer Blanchardstown group is a local Community Policing Forum funded by and operating in the Blanchardstown Local… Read more »

Pro-choice campaigners perform ‘The Witches’ Trial’

Activist group ROSA recently turned to performing arts to create awareness about abortion in Ireland, reports Erin Kennedy. Socialist activist group Reproductive Rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity (ROSA) performed a unique skit relating to abortion in Ireland on Henry Street late last year. The skit was called “The Witches’ Trial”. The activist group wanted to draw attention to the abortion issue in an… Read more »

The life of a non-meat-eater in Dublin

Stien Verdick looks at the growth of options for vegetarians and vegans in the city. The Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society regularly ask markets and restaurants to supply vegetarian and vegan friendly meals. Vegetarian meals are without meat or fish; vegan meals are made with no animal products. They also organise events such as Vegfest, a vegan festival with vegan… Read more »

Dublin On Mission To Make Graffiti To Urban Art Transition

Dublin City Council is working with Dubliners to legally beautify the streets of the capital city, reports Erin Kennedy. Nervously clutching a can of spray paint, Jess Tobin took her hand to the surface of a canvas, placed outside one of Dublin 8’s iconic pubs, The Bernard Shaw, and began to paint an image of two striking female faces that stopped passers-by. With adrenaline… Read more »

The Muslim community in Dublin 8

Emmet McCabe reports on how local Muslims seek to integrate into the Dublin 8 community. Out of all the religions that exist in Ireland today, Islam is one the fastest growing. It has been estimated that by 2043, it will become the second religion in Ireland. This shows how important it will be for Muslims and mosques to try to… Read more »

Griffith Digital News

Two Griffith nominees in Magazine Ireland awards

  What are the chances of two Griffith alumni to be nominated as finalists in the 2016 Magazine Ireland awards? It is an even greater coincidence that the two graduates of the BA in Journalism and Media Communications… Read more »

Griffith Media News

Your photo view of Dublin could win €700

CoinaPhoto, a unique social media platform to share locally relevant social stock photography, is delighted to be partnering with Griffith College to launch a photography competition exclusive to Griffith College students. It is an exciting collaboration given… Read more »