Half of average diet now ultra-processed food, study claims

Bronwyn Molony reports on the drawbacks of ultra-processed food. When it comes to food, we all have an opinion on what we should be eating. Should we all go vegan to save the planet? How do we make sure that we are really buying free range? How do we know that what we are… Read more »

Living in a country with restrictions on abortion

Camila Moret considers some of the realities for women living in Ireland with its legal limits on abortion availability. It is believed that 12 women in Ireland have an abortion every day. Some fly to places such as the UK or Spain where abortion is legalised and regulated, others find illegal methods within Ireland, such as buying pills online to induce a miscarriage. Depending… Read more »

Religion as a cure for depression

Jaqueline Costa Ribeiro writes about the power of beliefs to help people cope with depression. Fabrine Velloso Maselli is a 40-year-old Brazilian woman who is currently living in Dublin. Most who meet her may not realise it, but she has been in a constant struggle, since childhood, against depression and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Ms Maselli is the only daughter of… Read more »

Charges of bullying and prostitution trigger scandal in Oxfam

Barbara Debout reports on the Oxfam scandal caused by charges that the former director of Oxfam Haiti paid for prostitutes with the organisation’s money. It is in a tense atmosphere, where the term “misogyny” is omnipresent in the media, that the Oxfam scandal has spread. The former director of Oxfam Haiti, Roland van Hauwermeiren, has become embroiled in a sex scandal. It is claimed that he paid for sex… Read more »